When we rebranded Pevco they asked for a logo that says established, strength, sophistication, elegance, medicine and technology that would last the test of time. Examples of fortune 500 companies were discussed. We designed a custom typographical solution that hasn’t flinched since.

Application logo developed for their Pevco’s proprietary software.


Pevco’s website was carefully architected. Like many companies they have numerous audiences and c-level management to target. The site also had to appeal to both new and old customers – a balance of promotion and highly technical information. The site was designed and built as a custom theme in WordPress featuring a blog and class registration system.

Everybody needs email templates. What better way to highlight your brand at a nominal cost? Pevco leveraged the templates to send out numerous campaigns to promote products and to keep customers informed.

WAP and Touch Screen interfaces. The goal was to maximize space while having a clear and easy to use UI – very challenging. This was an unusual project and needlessly to say was a lot of fun.


In addition to a standard overview piece, Pevco also needed individual brochures for several of their top products. Each needed to work as a stand-alone piece as well work together as a group.

System illustrations for Pevco SmartPath. The first was part of a Flash presentation that was animated to demo how a carrier can be sent to any station in the system.


Corporate PowerPoint presentation was developed to support sales efforts. In addition to a title and body template we also provided a handful of section dividers to keep things organized and impactful.


Explainer videos are great especially if you are trying to explain complex systems or processes. For Pevco we leveraged the iconography used on the site to develop a series of video that highlight the company as well as specific products.