Lockheed Martin



This is an older project but one that’s always worth noting. We were asked to develop the branding for their Free to Dream campaign – celebrating 100 years since man learned how to fly. The logo and the projects below had to encompass the full spectrum from the Wright brothers to the latest in space travel. It’s not often you get to illustrate such a complex logo. Ultimately Lockheed liked it so much they made posters of it.


The following are a series of interactive posters. LED screens were turned on their sides and a mouse was made available so a user could click through and find their area of interest. Some programs included a video and slideshow presentation. When not in use the posters would cycle through the various programs. We also color coded the programs to define planes, space, other vehicles and technical advancements.

Additionally we were asked to update their style guide to include the interactive kiosks.


As part of the effort we developed Lockheed Martin’s first DVD. The DVD had a menu structure that took the user to the various vehicle programs. Each program included a 30 minute video segment. All of the video was edited internally having borrowed source assets from NASA, the Library of Congress and others.

Additionally, we also developed an interactive CD. This was handed out the kids and like the DVD included an interactive timeline with videos plus an area to print out coloring book images and download screen saver images.